Assoc Prof Dr. Si Zeng | Law and Economics | Best Researcher Award

Associate Professor Doctor. Si Zeng, Chinese University of Hong Kong, China 🎓

Professional Profile

📚 Early Academic Pursuits

James Si Zeng’s academic journey began with a robust foundation in law and economics at Peking University Law School, where he earned both his LL.B. and B.A. in Economics in 2012. His pursuit of advanced legal education led him to obtain an M.A. in Law from Peking University in 2014. Demonstrating a commitment to global legal perspectives, Zeng participated in an international exchange program at Columbia Law School in 2013. He furthered his education at Yale Law School, earning an LL.M. in 2015 and a J.S.D. in 2018, where he was awarded the prestigious Oscar M. Reubhausen Fellowship.

🏫 Professional Endeavors

James Si Zeng’s professional career is distinguished by his tenure at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). He began as an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Law from 2018 to 2024. His exemplary work and dedication led to his current position as an Associate Professor and Deputy Executive Director of the Centre for Comparative and Transnational Law (CCTL) in 2024. His roles at CUHK have been marked by significant contributions to legal education and research, particularly in comparative and transnational law.

🌟 Contributions and Research Focus

James Si Zeng’s research interests lie at the intersection of law and economics, with a focus on judicial reform, state-owned enterprises, and minority shareholder protection. His work is highly regarded in academic circles, with numerous publications in esteemed journals such as the European Business Organization Law Review, Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law, and the American Journal of Comparative Law. Zeng’s research provides empirical evidence and theoretical insights into the legal frameworks governing China’s public-private partnerships and corporate regulations.

🏆 Accolades and Recognition

Throughout his career, James Si Zeng has received significant accolades for his scholarly contributions. His article on state-owned enterprises was nominated for the “2019 Masahiko Aoki Award for Economics Paper.” His receipt of the Oscar M. Reubhausen Fellowship at Yale Law School further underscores his academic excellence. Zeng’s contributions to legal scholarship have not only garnered academic awards but also recognition in the form of editorial appointments and professional memberships.

🌐 Impact and Influence

James Si Zeng’s impact extends beyond academia to practical legal applications in China and beyond. His research on minority shareholder protection and state-owned enterprises has influenced policy discussions and regulatory frameworks. Zeng’s publications, which include articles in both Chinese and international journals, reflect his commitment to bridging the gap between Eastern and Western legal systems. His editorial roles in notable law journals further amplify his influence in shaping contemporary legal discourse.

🔍 Legacy and Future Contributions

Looking forward, James Si Zeng aims to continue his influential research in law and economics, particularly focusing on comparative legal systems and the implications of legal reforms in China. His legacy is characterized by a blend of rigorous academic research and practical legal insights, positioning him as a leading figure in legal scholarship. Zeng’s ongoing work at CUHK and his extensive publication record underscore his commitment to advancing legal understanding and contributing to global legal knowledge.

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Assoc Prof Dr. Si Zeng | Law and Economics | Best Researcher Award

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