Most Cited Paper Award

Introduction: Welcome to the prestigious Most Cited Paper Award, an accolade that recognizes outstanding contributions to research and scholarship in our field. This award celebrates papers that have made significant impacts and garnered widespread recognition within the academic community.

About the Award: The Most Cited Paper Award is bestowed upon papers that have demonstrated exceptional scholarly influence and significance. Eligible papers must have been published within a specified timeframe and must meet certain criteria for citation counts and relevance to the field. There are no age limits for eligibility, and both established researchers and emerging scholars are encouraged to submit their work for consideration.


  • No age limits
  • Qualifications: Must be an author of the paper
  • Publications: Papers published within the specified timeframe
  • Recurrence: Annual award

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Number of citations
  • Impact factor of the journal
  • Originality and significance of the research
  • Contribution to the advancement of the field

Submission Guidelines:

  • Submit the paper along with a brief biography and abstract
  • Include supporting files such as graphs, figures, or supplementary materials
  • Follow the specified format for submission

Recognition: Winners of the Most Cited Paper Award will receive recognition for their outstanding contributions to research and scholarship. This includes a certificate of achievement and acknowledgment during an awards ceremony or presentation.

Community Impact: The winning papers will be highlighted and promoted within the academic community, fostering collaboration and furthering the dissemination of knowledge in the field.

Biography and Abstract: Authors are required to submit a brief biography highlighting their academic achievements and a concise abstract summarizing the key findings of their paper.


Most Cited Paper Award

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