Mr. Toaha Mohammad | Engineering | Best Researcher Award

Mr.Toaha Mohammad, Aligarh Muslim University, India πŸŽ“

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Early Academic Pursuits πŸŽ“

Toaha Mohammad embarked on his academic journey with a strong foundation in Civil Engineering. He earned his Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), India, in 2016, achieving a commendable CPI of 7.89/10. During his undergraduate studies, he worked on a notable project titled “Slope Stability Analysis and Modeling using Slope/W and OptumG2,” which delved into equilibrium-based and finite element-based software for geotechnical engineering. Toaha further pursued his academic ambitions by obtaining a Master of Engineering in Structural Engineering from the School of Civil Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia, in 2019. He graduated with an impressive CGPA of 3.7/4.0 (9.2/10.0) and completed a master project titled “Cost-Effective Image Processing Model for Vibration Measurement of Civil Engineering Structures using Smartphone Digital Camera.”

Professional Endeavors 🏒

Toaha Mohammad’s professional journey is marked by his role as an Assistant Professor and Head of the Department at ACN College of Engineering and Management Studies, Aligarh, India. His dedication to the field is further demonstrated through his internship in the Building Department at Aligarh Muslim University, where he gained hands-on experience in construction during a summer vocational training program. He has also served as a Session Chair at the International Conference on New Trends in Engineering and Technology (ICNTET) in 2018 and organized an Awareness Camp on Disaster Management at the Aligarh Industrial and Agricultural Exhibition in 2016. His involvement with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) as a Student Member and his participation in various workshops and committees highlight his commitment to professional development and community service.

Contributions and Research Focus πŸ”

Toaha’s research focus lies in the application of innovative and cost-effective solutions in Civil Engineering. His master’s project on developing a low-cost image processing model for vibration measurement of civil engineering structures using a smartphone digital camera showcases his dedication to practical and accessible solutions. He has also contributed to significant projects during his undergraduate studies, including the modeling and analysis of slope stability problems using various software tools.

His research publications further emphasize his expertise and contributions to the field. Notable among them are:

“Optimizing Sustainable Construction Materials with Machine Learning Algorithms: Predicting Compressive Strength of Concrete Composites” presented at the International Conference on Interdisciplinary Approaches in Civil Engineering for Sustainable Development.

“Feasibility Study and Optimization of Limestone Calcined Clay Composites for Compressive Strength using Multi-Layered Explainable Artificial Intelligence Models,” published in Materials Today Communications.

Accolades and Recognition πŸ…

Toaha’s academic and professional excellence has been recognized through various awards and accolades. He has been a part of the winning teams in several national and international conferences and workshops. His contributions to the field have been acknowledged by peers and experts, solidifying his reputation as a dedicated and innovative engineer.

Impact and Influence 🌍

Through his teaching, research, and community involvement, Toaha Mohammad has made a significant impact on the field of Civil Engineering. His efforts in developing cost-effective and practical solutions have the potential to benefit a wide range of applications, from academic research to industry practices. His involvement in organizing and participating in various professional events underscores his influence in the engineering community.

Legacy and Future Contributions πŸš€

Toaha’s journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in Civil Engineering. As he continues his Ph.D. studies at Aligarh Muslim University, he is poised to make further contributions to the field, particularly in structural dynamics and geotechnical engineering. His vision for personal and organizational growth, coupled with his dedication to education and research, will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy.

Personal Interests and Activities 🎾

Beyond his professional and academic pursuits, Toaha enjoys taking care of pet animals, playing badminton, swimming, and engaging in social work. His involvement in the Soch Beyond the Imagination club reflects his passion for helping others and addressing social challenges.

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Mr. Toaha Mohammad | Engineering | Best Researcher Award

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