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Ms. Anitha E | Computer Science | Best Researcher Award


Professional Profile

Early Academic Pursuits 🎓

Anitha E began her academic journey at St. Mary’s Matric High Sec School, Kelambakkam, where she completed her SSLC with a score of 65% in 2004. She then attended St. Joseph’s High Sec School in Kovalam, completing her HSC with 62% in 2006. Her passion for technology led her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (B.E) in Computer Science and Engineering at Anna University’s SMK Fomra Institute of Technology, Chennai, where she graduated in 2010 with a CGPA of 7.0. She furthered her education with a Master’s degree in Engineering (M.E) in Computer Science and Engineering from Anna University’s CPT Campus, Chennai, achieving a CGPA of 7.45 in 2012.

Professional Endeavors 🏫

Anitha’s professional journey in academia began in June 2013 when she joined Loyola ICAM College of Engineering and Technology (LICET) as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Technology. Over the past decade, she has been dedicated to teaching, mentoring, and guiding students, with a significant impact on their academic and professional growth. Her areas of expertise include Computer Networks, Web Services, Cyber Forensics, Database, Network Security, and Machine Learning.

Contributions and Research Focus 📚

Anitha’s research is centered on leveraging advanced technologies to solve critical problems in the field of Computer Science. Her PhD thesis, “Investigation on Automated Analysis of Retinal Detachment Using Convolution Neural Network and Support Vector Machine,” exemplifies her commitment to applying machine learning for medical advancements. Her M.E thesis focused on “Adaptive Intrusion Detection Based on C4.5 Algorithm and Naive Bayesian Classifier,” and her B.E project addressed “Collusive Piracy Prevention in P2P Network.”

Accolades and Recognition 🏅

Anitha has been recognized for her excellence in teaching and her contributions to the academic community. She was awarded the Best Teacher award in 2015 and the Best Volunteer award in 2005. Her research has gained significant recognition, with four of her research papers indexed in Scopus and three more pending indexing.

Impact and Influence 🌍

Anitha’s influence extends beyond the classroom through her participation in various workshops, faculty development programs (FDPs), seminars, and online courses. She has attended numerous training sessions on topics such as IoT, NBA Accreditation, and AI, enhancing her knowledge and teaching methodologies. Additionally, she has participated in international exchange programs, including a month-long program at ICAM – Institut Catholique d’Arts & Métiers, France, in June 2017.

Legacy and Future Contributions 🌟

Anitha’s legacy in the academic world is marked by her dedication to teaching, her impactful research, and her commitment to student development. As a placement coordinator and industry interaction cell in charge, she has played a pivotal role in bridging the gap between academia and industry. Her future contributions promise to further the field of Computer Science through continued research, innovation, and mentorship.

📖Publications Top Noted: 

Ms. Anitha E | Computer Science | Best Researcher Award

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