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Mr. Mohamed Lokmane | Energy | Best Scholar Award 

Société Algérienne de Réalisation de Projets Industriels SARPI, Algeria

Professional Profile

Mohamed Lokmane Hareche📚

🌍 Early Academic Pursuits and Education

Mohamed Lokmane Hareche pursued his academic journey in electrical engineering and renewable energies at USTHB, where he excelled in both his Bachelor’s (2015) and Master’s (2017) degrees with distinctions. His educational background laid a solid foundation for his subsequent professional endeavors in the field of energy.

👨‍💼 Professional Endeavors

Currently serving as an Engineer and Project Manager at SPA Société Algérienne de Réalisation de Projets Industriels (SARPI) since January 2023, Mohamed oversees and leads significant photovoltaic projects. His responsibilities include managing the engineering aspects of large-scale photovoltaic installations, from conceptualization to execution, such as the 10 MWc solar power plant in STAH, Algeria. His role also involves handling tender processes for high-capacity photovoltaic projects and conducting electrical studies essential for project feasibility. Prior to his current role, Mohamed held the position of Photovoltaic Engineer at SPA Amimer Energie from January 2020 to January 2023. Here, he specialized in drafting technical specifications, detailed quantitative assessments, and schematic diagrams crucial for various photovoltaic projects.

📈 Contributions and Research Focus

As a doctoral candidate and researcher at the University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene, Mohamed focuses on electrical networks and renewable energy sources. His research primarily revolves around optimizing distribution networks in the presence of renewable energy generation, aiming to enhance network efficiency and integration capabilities. In October 2022, Mohamed presented his research on optimizing photovoltaic power systems and DSTATCOM in distribution networks at the International Conference on Renewable Materials and Energy (ICRME), Ouargla, Algeria. His work contributes significantly to advancing the field’s understanding of renewable energy integration in distribution networks.

🏆 Accolades and Recognition

Mohamed’s scholarly contributions include the publication of a scientific article in July 2024, focusing on the integration of renewable energy production into electrical distribution networks, published in a reputable journal.

🔍 Impact and Influence

Mohamed’s work extends beyond academic research to practical applications in the energy sector, influencing the design and implementation of efficient and sustainable photovoltaic systems in Algeria. His expertise in software like Autocad, ETAP, and Matlab, coupled with his proficiency in electrical engineering, underscores his impactful contributions to the field.

🌟 Legacy and Future Contributions

Looking ahead, Mohamed Lokmane Hareche aims to continue advancing renewable energy technologies, further optimizing their integration into global energy systems. His dedication to research, coupled with his practical experience in project management and engineering, positions him as a pivotal figure in Algeria’s renewable energy sector.

Mr. Mohamed Lokmane | Energy | Best Scholar Award

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